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I like to look at patents covering search and the web because they explain the problems that search engines are trying to solve. These patents show us inventions designed to solve these problems. Sometimes they show us how someone can learn to solve their problems by studying how other companies solve similar problems. This month, a Google patent was granted to spot app store spam. As Google invented and ran the Android operating system, it developed a marketplace for applications to run on Android devices.

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Building Search for Datasets in the Open Web Ecosystem The engine. It describes why Google decided to release a dataset search engine, and what they learned while doing so. The abstract of the paper is a good introduction Chile Phone Number are thousands of data repositories on the abstract web, providing access to millions of datasets. National and regional governments, scientific publishers and consortia, commercial data providers and others publish data in fields ranging from social sciences to life sciences, high energy physics to climate science and more. Access to this data is important for promoting reproducibility of research results.

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Structured Data in Google Sheets Search Google has always focused on understanding and using structured data such. As schemas and data in tables in features such as featured snippets and knowledge panels and web search results. Also see structured data appearing in other searches. This won’t happen overnight, but the steps that could lead to such a Semantic Web are being built.

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