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Welcome to our in-depth Rewind review. Have you ever wondered what you would do if your store data, blog posts and product listings were accidentally or maliciously deleted at this point? While this may seem unlikely, it’s a very plausible crisis that could threaten not only the normal operations of your online business, but ultimately its financial viability.


For example, when trying to make changes to your online store to provide a better experience for your customers, you may make mistakes like adding unnecessary code to make your platform look better, which will eventually cause damage Or you mistakenly or intentionally deleted the code.

What is rewind?

When it comes to protecting your online Russia Mobile Number business data, a cloud backup service might be just what you need. Cloud backup is the process of storing and replicating your data to a server usually locate outside your brand, which can then be accesse over a network.

So when the worst happens and a physical or digital accident causes you to lose all or part of your data, you can easily recover them with cloud solutions.

Rewind Review: Pros and Cons

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Each solution has its strengths and areas for improvement. So, in this section, we’ll look at the pros and cons of Rewind.


  • Rewind offers several pricing options, starting at $3.
  • The solution provides sufficient customer support channels and personnel at every stage of the journey to help you get the most out of the tool.
  • Backups are create automatically every day, and you can access manual backups on demand.
  • Rewind offers to select multiple or double items like several products in divi can be recovere from your store or your entire store at the same time.
  • Your saved data is securely encrypte in the Rewind vault.
  • Some plans have real-time monitoring and projects are backed up when they are update or changed.
  • You can easily browse the Rewind vault where your data is store at any time.

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