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Sometimes sales act earlier in the buyer journey, but in many cases, it is mainly the marketers who turn a potential lead into a real warm lead. When there is ‘light at the end of the funnel’ you naturally ask yourself: when do you transfer a lead to sales? A better question is: when is someone ready to contact sales Determining how Senegal Phone Number warm a lead is can be achieved with lead scoring. This allows you to set certain conditions on the basis of the formulated 7-step buyer journey, which provides better insight into where a potential lead stands. For example, you can track how much and what information a potential lead takes in and whether there is interaction with your social media channels.

Before During and After

Is there a possibility to collect an email address of the potential lead for example? And does the lead then respond to the emails you send? A simple idea, but a response (or none) is a good indicator of whether someone is ready for contact with sales. Several tools are available to apply lead scoring. Perhaps your current CRM system already offers possibilities for this! One last takeaway for the B2B buyer journey Properly mapping out the B2B buyer journey ultimately leads to more deals. It is important to gain insight into your target groups and to make the various buyer journey phases measurable.


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So what does the traffic on your website do? From which channels do visitors come and how often do they complete the right actions on your website – and what content and information are they ingesting? How does that align with the steps in the buyer journey – and what is the next step a potential lead wants to take?In this day and age your (digital) marketing euro counts double: what are you going to invest it in? Plenty of choices, but really focus on loyalty. Where to start? An inspiring model is the Loyalty Loop, developed by Andrew Davis.

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