Inspire and Help Your Customer or Prospect

create high quality content the second step is to publish content that meets the buyer persona’s goals, objectives, and objections.With planning in a structured. Shared way and with social network techniques. That we will see later in Australia WhatsApp Number List this publication. This way you will have the correct content and you will know how to sell through social networks. This Content Is Made to Measure.

educate your customers it is essential that the objective of your content shared on social networks has as a priority to educate .educate you want to entertain, inspire and help your customer or prospect, but the primary goal is to attract them to your brand with the ultimate goal of selling them and gaining their loyalty. This Content Is Made to Measure.

All Experience Matters and If You Have as a Priority to Help Your Client

Help your audience helping your client or potential client is the basis of content marketing , the internet and social networks. From the moment you help them, you convince your audience to continue reading your content, because there is something there for them. All experience matters and if you have as a priority to help your client. Consequently, your rate of opening, clicks and your return on investment will be according to your expectations. Social media sonia simone, the copyblogger, introduced a concept called cookie content . It means continuing to help your client with content and working towards getting more response from your audience.

All Experience Matters and If You Have as a Priority to Help Your Client


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use the 80-20 rule even with educational intent. You can and should bring the maximum return from social media to your business. The 80-20 rule is a premise for your content on the internet and on social networks. This guides that 80% of your content should be focused on education and entertainment. 20% on the product or service you want to sell. In this way, your audience will want to interact with your brand. Consequently the sale will be easier. social mediaremember the types of content. That people share and study how companies do content marketing in practice.

At the end of the day, even with educational intent. If your content was created with content planning for the customer lifecycle. It’s still a sale. We could say that it is 100% of the sale and not 20%. But it is important to remember. That most of your content should be more focused on the needs of your client and not of the company.

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