Integrate Leads Pages Into Your Email Marketing Campaign

Marketing trends and tactics can change (and often do), but one factor remains the same: everyone needs more leads. According to the 2019 State of Marketing Report by Growth Marketing Stage. Most organizations (72% in fact) say generating more leads is their biggest marketing challenge. Their second biggest challenge? Integrate Leads Pages Into Your Email Marketing Campaign

According to Ethiopia B2B List this study, 53% have difficulty ensuring the ROI of their marketing activities. See how small business challenges compare in our State of Small Business Marketing guide. In this article, we’ll cover how to optimize your lead pages to improve conversions and how to maximize your lead generation strategy with email marketing. What are lead generation pages and why are they important?

What Are Lead Generation Pages and Why Are They Important?

Lead generation pages, also known as landing pages, are specific website pages designed to convert a visitor into a lead. These pages usually look different from the rest of your website because they are so conversion-focused. A lead page typically asks the visitor to complete a specific task, such as signing up for a mailing list or providing an email address to download a lead magnet (e.g., free e-books, downloads, white papers , etc).

Depending on the industry, main pages may also ask visitors to make a purchase. Brands typically design lead generation pages to address questions and concerns associated with specific stages of the sales funnel to increase the likelihood that visitors will actually convert.

5 Best Practices for Designing and Creating Leads Pages

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5 best practices for designing and creating leads pages When your pages are designed for lead generation, they should be highly optimized for conversions. 1. Set a goal and write a clear CTA. Do not try to place as many CTAs as possible on a single landing page. Your visitors will simply be overwhelmed and confused.

As to what they are supposed to do, leading them to do nothing. This phenomenon is known as the paradox of choice, one of the many email marketing tactics you should opt out of. Instead, present visitors with a clear action to take. Such as: Subscribe to a mailing list. Fill out a quick form to upload a lead magnet. Enter a contest. Do a quiz. Register for an event or webinar. Create a free account.

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