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Think of subject:meeting’ or ‘from:frank after. You can also search with ‘Has:document Filename:article’ on all emails containing a Google document with ‘article’ in the name. Bonus tip: do you want to thoroughly clean out Malaysia Phone Number your mailbox or free up storage space? Use older_than: followed by the period, e.g. 30d (30 days), 6m (6 months), or 1y (1 year), to track down and discard old messages. Or search for size:[number x]m and enter 20, for example, to fish and delete e-mails of more than 20 megabytes from your inbox.

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A few more helpful search aids: Use OR or {} to search for messages that match multiple terms, for example ‘from:frank OR from:sanne’, or {from: frank from: sanne} Type – (the minus sign) followed by a term you want to exclude from the results, e.g. campaign planning -social media Put your search term in double quotes Malaysia Phone Number to find an exact word or phrase, for example “Giveaway Instagram”. Is this too complicated? In Gmail, next to your search bar, click the gray filter icon to expand the search options, or specify your search term using the help buttons that appear below the search bar after running your search term.

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Screenshot at Gmail search function 5. Combine filters and labels Filters are a useful means of distinguishing between certain types of emails. Especially if you combine them with a label. This way you can see at a glance what an email is about or comes from. You have to start somewhere with such filters. Therefore, keep Malaysia Phone Number an eye on your incoming mails for a while and make a filter each time, where it is relevant. Click on the three dots above the email and choose ‘Filter messages like this’ to create a new filter. Or click the filter icon next to your search bar to get started right away. You enter the criteria there and click on ‘Create filter’ instead of ‘Search’.

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