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An often forgotten, but very effective research Malta Phone Number method: surveying! Take to the streets, into the neighborhood or consciously seek out your target group to measure the impact of your social campaign. By doing a survey before and after your campaign, you can analyze the difference. Yes, this way of Malta Phone Number research is expensive. But you also get something in return. Here you have the opportunity to ask people for their opinion and for feedback about their behaviour. And this input often has more value than the – not always watertight – figures about Malta Phone Number website behavior. In fact, you can fine-tune your campaign based on the survey results.

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Works best if you set impact goals at an organizational Malta Phone Number  level every year. Preferably include this in the annual plan. As a result, you not only have focus in the campaigns you conduct, but as a Malta Phone Number marketer you also have a direct mandate to execute the campaigns. Has your organization not yet set goals for the impact you want to make? Check out the article by NCVO about setting goals or the Impact path of, Malta Phone Number among others. Social Enterprise Netherlands.

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By comparing the results of your digital goals with Malta Phone Number benchmarks, you get a nice indication of the quality of the results you have achieved. I would like to add a note here. Because the time a visitor spends on a website can also depend on the website itself. If a site loads less quickly or contains a lot of text, that Malta Phone Number can also be a reason that a visitor stays longer on the site. Then that time will score better than the benchmark, but Malta Phone Number that does not automatically say anything about the qualitative impact of your social campaign.

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