It Can Be Said That Thanks to Nano Marketing

Neuromarketing can reach everyone. Technological improvement in tools the improvement of tools. In neuromarketing is a factor that is associated with what was mentioned above. The concept and the technology associated with it grows, consolidates and evolves. Over the years, neuromarketing Togo B2B List tools and techniques advance, they are more effective and easier to use. It Can Be Said That Thanks to Nano Marketing.

In addition, technological development, as we have previously mentioned, makes it easier to access this type of tool at a lower cost. The continuous and gradual improvement of neuromarketing analysis tools is one of the vital factors that predicts a great future in the marketing sector.


Additionally, consumer has changed. We know it! It has become more complex, demanding and manages certain internal stimuli to make the final purchase decision. The behavior of today’s consumers depends, to a large extent, on their emotions and the influences they pick up from the outside. Therefore, neuromarketing  strategies must try to offer highly personalized experiences… hyper-personalized. Personalization and hyper-personalization.

Isn’t that the same thing? No! Personalization incorporates personal information into the message such as name, title, organization, purchase history, etc… on the other hand, hyper-personalization goes one step further, it uses behavioral data in real-time to create a relevant and special scenario for the user.

The Closer You Feel to a Message

Togo B2B List


Product or service, the more chances you have of being part of it and, ultimately, acquiring it. 5. Artificial intelligence in a simple way we can define artificial intelligence as that science that is responsible for creating systems to accomplish tasks that use rules, information and the use of data.

It stands out for its self-correction and “reasoning” functions, which implies following the rules to obtain appropriate conclusions, just as we human beings do. Artificial intelligence tools affect the field of detection and recognition of emotions, forming a major resource in new marketing trends. 6. The consolidation of machine learning one of the fastest growing concepts for the coming years is the so-called machine lea

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