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Option to work on influencer marketing . We are in the most splendid moment of the instagramers . We just have to look for the right one. Whether in fashion. Sports. Gastronomy. Etc.. Contact him and have him become the ambassador of our brand. In addition. There are now Netherlands phone number companies aimed at facilitating the union between influencers and brands . Such as. For example.  ROI Influencer Media . 5. The video Despite the fact that images continue to have more engagement on Instagram than videos. It is true that this type of content is gaining more and more followers and.

Therefore. You should not forget about it when establishing your strategy on Instagram . In addition. They are a fun and original way to spice up your profile. The videos are attractive and. In addition. Generate emotional bonding with users. Remember that you can upload videos Netherlands phone number to 60 seconds long and use filters to customize them to your liking. There are up to 24 different filters. You can also edit each segment and choose the parts that are most representative or interesting for your audience. And add hashtags to amplify their reach . Likewise.

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Represent the video and will be placed as the cover on your timeline . And share it on other social networks such as Facebook (you already know that both social networks are perfectly integrated). You can record them live or upload them from your phone’s gallery or reel. 6. Stories Netherlands phone number it is true that Instagram Stories emerged as an alternative to Snapchat . It is true that the social network of images has known how to take advantage of all the potential that these 24-hour mini-stories bring . Currently. Many users do not even stop to look at the publication feed .

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But rather rely on stories to keep up to date with what other users publish . As well as with the latest news and updates from brands. You have the option to take a normal photo. A live video. In Netherlands phone number mode . Record a video in reverse mode. Stop motion animation . Hands-free or super zoom . And also upload it directly from the gallery. One of the main advantages that Instagram Stories has for brands is that the users’ feed is not invaded. If someone wants to see a Story created by your brand. They will do so voluntarily or they will pass by .

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Interest from the audience. Another thing that Instagram users demanded was more natural and fun content. We are used to seeing profiles of brands. Influencers or even other users. Impeccable and cared for to the fullest. And even retouched ad nauseam. In addition. The Netherlands phone number is carried away and. In this sense. Instagram showed us that it knows how to adapt to the times by renewing its functionalities. 7.Instagram Shopping It is one of the novelties of the social network of photographs that will bring more benefits and advantages to both brands and the audience.

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