It has only been four years since I started the business, and the epidemic accounted for three years.

On March 24, Tencent announced cost reductions and efficiency enhancements. And my boss, starting from February this year, has to shout “Cost reduction and efficiency improvement, cost reduction and efficiency improvement” in the office 800 times a day. Fortunately, her current goal of “reducing costs and increasing efficiency” is still herself. For example, she replaced the Starbucks American in the afternoon with her own hand-brewed coffee, and she still used It has only been 100 yuan and 2 catties of coffee beans from Sam’s Supermarket.

Cost reduction and efficiency  increase are becoming the consensus of Internet companies. Big factories are busy sending off graduates and reducing business lines. Smaller startups are exploring their own ways to survive.

 Moved into an apartment from an office building, thanking the employees for not leaving

I am the owner of a small advertising company. The company has a maximum of 15 people, and now there are 7 left. I have also moved into an apartment from an office building, and the rent has also increased from 400,000 to 180,000 per year. This is the only reliable measure I have found after several months of research to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The idea came up during Chinese New Year.

There are many young people in the neighborhood where my family lives, and many of the first floors have been rented out and turned into small coffee shops Afghanistan Phone Number or nail salons. One day, when I was waiting for the elevator on the first floor, I smelled the smell of coffee, and I suddenly had an inspiration: rent a residential building directly to work.

But I was also a little nervous. That means telling all employees that the company’s cash flow is in trouble. On the other hand, working in a residential building is always a shame to say it out. Will they leave their jobs because of it? After all, the company’s manpower is just right, and someone leaving means I have to spend more time and energy recruiting and running in.

I wanted to reduce costs and increase efficiency, but ended up increasing costs and reducing efficiency

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I am the junior director of the marketing department of a brand company, and I am sitting in the office at the moment deleting the posts that I have been scolded for.

“Xiaohongshu recruits originals, 100 yuan for 10,000 fans, and 10 yuan for amateurs.” When I bite the bullet on Douban and my WeChat group, someone quickly ridiculed me: There must be a limit to brand prostitution. , what is the jumping price?

Recruiting KOLs is not my job. According to the previous process, I only need to give the theme of each event to the cooperative MCN agencies, and they will be responsible for matching appropriate KOLs for publication. Under normal circumstances, the quotation of Xiaohongshu bloggers with 10,000 fans is about 300 yuan, and we will buy thousands of Xiaohongshu bloggers at one time.

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