It Is a Booming Business Channel and It Will Not Stop Growing in the Coming Years

New business channel mcommerce offers a wide range of opportunities. This alternative sales channel allows you to enhance it, if you wish, with specific qualities. We have a good example in aliexpress. Whose, prices via mobile are cheaper than if you make the purchase through a desktop device. Better user experience the arrival of m-commerce has made. It, possible to improve the user experience by incorporating  Malaysia Phone Number List augmented reality. It Is a Booming Business Channel and It Will Not Stop Growing in the Coming Years.

Or, purchase assistance through chatbots. In addition, this technology allows the user to receive personalized offers. At, all times and access a wide variety of products at very competitive prices. Variety in payment options nowadays. Technological, advances offer different solutions to make payments from mobile phones. It Is a Booming Business Channel and It Will Not Stop Growing in the Coming Years.

These New Payment Methods Such as Paypal

Visa checkout or apple pay offer greater convenience to consumers by allowing them to reduce tasks such as having to enter their identification data each time they make a purchase. Disadvantages security this disadvantage is nothing new, internet purchases on desktop devices have also suffered. Users want to be certain that all their data is secure.

If we add wireless connections, the issue may lead to more than one reluctance. At the moment, users prefer to carry out transactions using a computer rather than a tablet or mobile device. Screen size obviously, a mobile screen is not the same as that of a computer. The definition capacity is not the same. Users want to see and almost feel the products before buying them, on a mobile this is not possible to offer.

Responsive Design That a Website


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Can be accessed via mobile requires implementing a responsive design capable of offering the best possible usability and user experience. The main objective of responsive design is to create web pages that adapt to the size and orientation of the visitor’s screen. Usability in mcommerce usability is directly related to the concept of responsive design.

The immediacy that the user demands has to be answered by the design of the web . Thus, we can highlight the following key factors for a remarkable user experience via mobile device:-loading speed: the user can not wait. A load time of more than 4 seconds can mean the loss of a visitor. A cluttered layout with heavy images can be responsible for slow loading speed.

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