It Is Directly Linked to the Positioning of the Web in the Serps

This is the most important traffic because. Referral traffic: referral traffic tells us about visitors. Who, came to our website from sources outside of a search engine. In, this case, a link from another page. Improve Finland Phone Number List positioning seo google analytics other web traffic metrics that will help. You, to better analyze are the following:-desktop traffic and mobile traffic nowadays. The, use of mobile devices has skyrocketed. And, it is important to take into account what percentage of incoming traffic. Comes, from mobile and how much from desktop.

Remember That It Is Necessary

To have a good configuration and design on the web for mobile viewing, taking into account the different types of screen resolutions that exist. Brand traffic it is very interesting to analyze what type of searches users are accessing your website for. Users can reach your page, from a third party website, by generic keyword searches or by brand search.

Brand traffic is the most important and occurs when a user accesses your website by typing the name of your brand or one of your specific products in search engines . Example:-traffic-web-brand-positioning-analytics geographical location of the visits knowing where the visits come from will make it easier for us to improve our local seo strategies to make them more specific and effective .

For Example

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If, part of your traffic comes from latin america, you will be able to generate related content for that specific audience. To finish with web traffic, we would like to offer you a very important distinction about the type of users that can make up said traffic . Be careful with this! New users : users who enter the web for the first time.

And, are register by google analytics by means of an id . Recurring users : that user who already had an id assigned by google analytics and who is therefore recognized as an already “known” user. What about this? Sometimes these metrics developed by the google analytics tool can lead to confusion. For example, if a recurring user accesses the web from another browser, he is counted as a new user. The same thing happens when cookies are deleted.

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