It May Sound Trite To Do This With

Or do you need software like Instapage or Unbounce? Or maybe you skip the landing page completely, and only work with LinkedIn: directly post articles or advertise with lead forms. Think about how you will get your content quick and dirty, for example: Write a short article with ‘X tips, ideas, dos, and don’ts for or a checklist. Reuse existing content. It’s often the Bahamas Phone Number case that old blogs get dusty when you could update and republish them. For example, you can also extract a piece from an existing whitepaper or webinar to turn it into a blog or email. Sometimes you should work smart, not hard Offer a quick scan.

Trite To Do This With

You only need to create a landing page for this. It only takes work when you actually generate leads. 4. Dive into the matter In addition to the low-hanging fruit, it’s still very rewarding to delve a little deeper into topics. Especially if you also want to be seen as an authority in your field. It may sound trite to do this with a white paper or e-book, but it’s effective. Never change a winning team! Why is this a good idea? You often see e-books, white papers, and the like, because it works. People still think it’s a fair exchange: free information from an expert, in exchange for some personal data. With the help of this kind of deeper content, you can educate your prospects.


Do This With

In the B2B world, you often have to explain to your prospects what their problem is. A white paper or e-book helps you nurture your leads and show that you know how to deal with their problem. It can be a good lead generation tool for prospects and leads with a somewhat higher level of knowledge, who are already a bit further in the buyer journey. That’s how you do it Think of a main topic. On which topic would you like to claim thought leadership? And what topics is your target audience waiting for? What is valuable to them? I always say: a beautiful design is half the battle. Make sure it looks attractive, uncluttered and professional.

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