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In addition to being original. Google penalizes duplicate content very severely. For a good positioning. We can highlight the keywords in bold and take into account the urls. Meta description. The title. Etc. The Germany phone number must also include internal and external links. There are other aspects that I think you should take into account when we talk about attracting users to our website in order to convert them into customers: Define your buyer persona or ideal client very well: it will help you direct communication and your strategies based on their interests.

You can put yourself in their shoes and find out what worries them and motivates them in order to catch them with your product or service. Select the right keywords: you must take into account the competition because if a keyword is used by many. It will be difficult for you to stand out Germany phone number the rest. You have great free tools to discover new keywords that your users are looking for. Or verify that yours have potential. Some of the tools are provided by Google. Such as Google Trends or Keyword Planner. The quality of the images and their positioning.

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The urls or the loading time. It is also important. Adapt the web to mobile devices and prepare it to be agile. Comfortable and fast. It is something fundamental right now where mobile is what Germany phone number the market. At the end of the day. What you want are visits and that they are qualified. This way it will be easier for them to become potential customers. Social They can be users who come from general social networks such as Facebook. Instagram or linkedin. Or our company’s own social networks. You don’t need to be in all of them. As I said before. By defining your buyer personas .

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You will be able to know what networks they are on. And it is in these that you must have a presence. How to get visits through social networks? The use of social networks must have a business Germany phone number since. By the mere fact of being there. It will not provide us with benefits. Social networks can become a tool to viralize the contents of your blog . Humanize the brand and connect with your users to generate trust and loyalty. The idea is not to post without any strategy.

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Template that can help you when organizing. To carry out a Social Media strategy . You must take into account 4 steps: Definition of objectives: you must answer the question what you want to achieve Germany phone number this channel. As you know. The objectives must be clear. Dated and measurable. You must also be able to measure and check the results. Selection of the appropriate channels: remember that before I commented on the need to know where our potential client is. For this reason.

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