It’s Time to Get Serious About Segmentation Personalization

According to recent research, the biggest challenges facing email marketers are limited internal resources and limited budget. This means that, short Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists of unlocking more money. Anyone running an email marketing campaign needs to make their emails work even harder. It’s Time to Get Serious About Segmentation Personalization

It may seem like a difficult task, but there is a solution that offers the potential for  big rewards for a small investment: segmentation and personalization. The difference made by email personalization is dramatic; in fact, it is possible to increase your transaction rates by 6 times by sending personalized emails. But just addressing your customer by name isn’t enough: if you want to get the most out of your email marketing. It’s Time to Get Serious About Segmentation Personalization

What Is Segmentation?

You need to take personalization to the next level, which means you need to start taking the segmentation seriously. What is segmentation? Segmentation is the practice of dividing your contact list into portions based on unifying factors. For example, you could identify all the women on your list. Or all your subscribers under 25, or all your contacts who live in France.

Each of them is a segment. Contacts can belong to several segments (a woman living in France) and it is normal to have customers who do not correspond to any of your segments (a 34-year-old man living in Denver). The purpose of segmenting your list is not to permanently slice your list. Segmentation helps you identify people who are likely to interact with the message you intend to send and gives you the ability to craft that message just for them.

How Do You Build Segments?

Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists

For example, you can decide to send an email announcing. Your latest dairy-free ice cream and segment your list so that only your vegan contacts receive the email. Your next email is an invitation to the product launch, and you further segment your list to target only vegans living in the area. Then  Some of the contacts who received the first email won’t receive the second, and that’s okay: the segments deliver the message you want to send.

What types of segments can you create? The only limits to your segmentation efforts are your imagination and the data you have about your customers. There are many ways to segment your audience, and a good place to start is to start.

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