Distinguish Itself From The Gray Masses

I prefer to use schwung on a daily basis, and at totally random moments if I have to: ‘Honey, you can hand me that toothpaste with a little more swung or ‘Indeed, officer, that woman robbed me of my self-esteem with a lot of schwung’. Too bad that schwung is no longer in schwung for most people. 15. Onomatopoeia — Children’s Language: A toot is a car, a waf is a dog, a meow is a cat. These are examples of onomatopoeia: figures of speech in which Israel Phone Number you imitate a sound with non-existent words. Interesting fact: a cat is actually a māo in Chinese. 16. Parallelepiped to quote my faithful third-hemisphere Wikipedia: ‘A parallelepiped or block is a polyhedron with six parallelograms for faces, eight.

Itself From The Gray Masses

vertices and twelve ribs, all opposite faces of which are parallel and two-by-two – viewed from the outside – mirror each other’. However, is it important to know what a parallelepiped is? New. All you need to know is that such an incredible word exists. 17. Hygge — a Danish word that has no English translation and is pronounced ‘huuge’. The Danes use this word to describe a special atmosphere. We could say that this comes close to ‘coziness’. Hygge is one of the most important expressions in Denmark. Drinking a glass of Koldskål together is considered very hygge.

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The Gray Masses

Sun Glow — When I say this word, I immediately feel the warm sun glow on my skin. Because of the association with a warm summer day, I think this is a wonderful word. I especially think about when it’s February and I haven’t seen the sun for three months. 19. Lavender — a purple flower with a very nice scent. Lavender is one such word that brings the mouth into a state of ecstasy when you pronounce it. Give it a try. Ecstasy, really. 20. Cliché — a short but sweet word with a nice sound. Applicable in many languages: English, Dutch, French, Italian, Polish and Spanish.

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