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Than 200 million users visit brand profiles every day. So it is an opportunity that you cannot miss. Thanks to this feature. Businesses can tag one or more products (up to five) in a post . Just like tagging a person. Do you want to start using Instagram Shopping? You must New zealand phone number the following requirements: Have a company profile. Have a Fan Page on Facebook . Have published 9 previous posts . At least. Have the latest version of Instagram downloaded. Sell ​​physical products on an official website. Integrate your catalog on Facebook through an application such as Shopify. 8. Metrics Finally.

The process to improve the image of your brand on Instagram. It is essential that you analyze the publications that have worked best. And above all. The type of public. Future publications will depend New zealand phone number this to continue generating engagement . April 23. Book Day was celebrated . A day celebrated worldwide with the aim of promoting reading. The publishing industry and the protection of intellectual property through copyright. This event was chosen as a symbolic day for world literature. Since on April 23. 1616 Cervantes. Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega died.

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The commemoration of Saint George or Sant Jordi. The legend of this day tells that in Cappadocia (although the region changes with each version) there was a dragon that attacked the kingdom. Scared to death. The inhabitants decided to give him two lambs every day to satisfy his hunger and New zealand phone number him from attacking the village. But when the animals became scarce. They decided to send the princess. In the dragon’s cave. She met the knight George. Who killed the dragon with his sword and saved her. From the blood New zealand phone number flowed from the lifeless body of the monster a red rose was born. For this reason. In Catalonia. The Balearic Islands and in parts of the Valencian Community  .

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It is customary that every April 23.  Books and red roses are given as gifts. Remembering the death of the greats of European literature. Day of the book Index [ hide ] Twitter analysis of #Book Day At what time were the most tweets recorded? The most outstanding users on Book Day New zealand phone number Day Trending Topics Twitter analysis of #Book Day Day of the book From Cool Tabs . We have analyzed the content generated by the use of the hashtag #díadellibro on Twitter. During the monitored period.  275.000 publications were made . Made by 169.000 unique users .

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Impressions on the social network. Original tweets If we look at the number of tweets and retweets . We can see that retweets clearly outnumbered . A total of 215.000 retweets were produced against 60.000 tweets with original content. Daily tweets On the other hand. In terms of New zealand phone number of daily tweets . The vast majority occurred on the day of the event. On the 23rd there were a total of 51.612 tweets compared to 1.484 the day before. It should be noted that the number of retweets was clearly higher. With a total of 167.927 during Book Day. At what time were the most tweets recorded ?

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