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This is a meticulous and specialist job, in which all kinds of factors and aspects. Have to be weighed up against each other. Pains and Gains The main gain for the decision-makers is selecting a very high-performing fund. The main pain is selecting a poorly performing fund, or not selecting an excellent performing fund. A simple customer problem. The difficulty is that there is no single investment vehicle that can claim to be the best performing in the future: ‘past return So how should you distinguish yourself among the decision-makers and influencers in the DMU? In the end, we came up with the idea that ‘knowing everything’ is an important customer task. The worst thing that can happen to these specialists is a lack of knowledge.

Get For Your Hotel Room

This also applies to all experts in all industries. “I don’t know” is something an expert would rather not say. In fact, the buyers in specialized industries excel in knowing the smallest details. Anyone who succeeds in sowing doubts Argentina Phone Number attention. Also read: Show your color: promote your specialism & identity The insight that the fear of missing out is an important feeling can of course also be translated positively. Those who do have the knowledge experience an important gain . This in turn leads to an increase in the status of the expert or an increase in his self-esteem. Done differently In the campaign we worked with the concept of ‘ done differently.


Your Hotel Room

In doing so, we suggest a new way as opposed to a traditional way (known versus unknown). We had 4 blogs written about this. We put these together on a landing page. Although the blogs were only 250 words long, together they made up a 1,000-word article describing the world behind the specialized product. On the landing page, visitors were invited to a webinar. During this webinar, the hood was opened and we delved deeper into the content: specialists for specialists. Of course, we also really had something to present that was ‘done differently’. We campaigned via banners on specialist media in France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. In addition, we ran a targeted LinkedIn campaign for eight weeks.

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