Keywords and Search Intent as You Have Been Able to See

Additionally, keyword-main-description-videos-youtube source: backlinks if you make a description of 350 words or more. They thought “every time a user types a query into google. They, are trying to accomplish something. Different from, best correspond to the searches carried out by users, thanks to the ability of mountain view Senegal WhatsApp Number List to personalize searches according to our previous history. Using an effective analytics tool to monitor all actions. Even so / though, advertising advertising-online-social-media we tend to think of social networks as free tools. Intention-search-keywords-1 how do we do it? Two simple techniques: identifies the search intention of each selected keyword: enter the keywords in google to check the first results. Check that your content fits those results. Keywords and Search Intent as You Have Been Able to See.

Less Volume and More Intention

In the first place, focus on keywords with more volume, strive to complete the efficiency between keyword and intention in relation to content. Content structure based on intent we move under the user’s intention, based on the different types of intentions it is possible to develop different types of content. Informative intent when faced with an informative search, the content and its optimization must be related to the following issues:-name of the product or service. What is the product or service? How does the product or service work? However, can the product or service be used? Commercial intent when faced with a search with commercial intent, google studies all the different options available to them.

Carry Out Comparative Research

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Similarly, focusing on specific requirements and characteristics. Content and optimization based on:-better/cheaper product or service opinions or reviews about products. Or, services guide or comparisons of products or services characteristics. Of, the product or service transactional intent transactional queries are the most likely. To, convert and typically include terms revolving around price, brand, and location:-how much does the product or service cost? Location of the product or service online purchase of the product. Although this may be true, service close to the user of the product or service as you can see. The, user’s search intention opens up a wide range of much more specific content. This allows the development of a more natural and effective structure and organization of content.

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