Kill your productivity for internet idiots

(Don’t they know that popups are Satan’s work?!) They had the missile launch last week and emailed you three times over . (Don’t these people realize how full their email boxes are?) You can ping sites from nearby construction sites and become increasingly stubborn as the entire internet conspires to get your last nerve. I have a moderate suggestion. It’s time to get over it. goldfish attention We all know – with content and trivia and ads that come from all directions to our mashup of distractions, our attention spans have shrunk to about 15 seconds. (This puts us on

Drama Queens Rarely Build Thriving Businesses

And the guy who is known as the pitch who does exactly what you power three times a day. You can get a lot of attention so fun and easy to irritate. You may have a great sense of humor and a fantastic twist on the phrase. Your captivating cranky video rant might hit YouTube’s first billion. But attention is not a business . Unless Armenia Phone Number List you’re as good a businessman as Perez Hilton, being part of the distraction revolution is unlikely to get you any money. do this instead And the people who are going to tell you to shut down all distractions, refuse to use email, commission social media in Mongolia for a $2-an-hour virtual assistant and work in a state of some sort of distraction purity do

Work on Something Important for an Hour a Day

Armenia Phone Number List
Armenia Phone Number List

If you’re smart, you’ll make it the first hour before the vampire sucks all the remaining life out of your day. I realize it’s not that much fun Trust me, I enjoy at least as much as complaining on the internet for the next person. Probably more than the people next to you . Let’s face it, those people are irritating. But, an hour a day , chasing what’s on you every day (heck, you might even go up to two hours a day) will give you a lot more rewards than when you’re in the middle of an SD show that actually matters when you start Read this article. finish it. Start now. Believe it or not, it’s even more satisfying than truth. About the author: Sonia Simone is the co-founder of Copy blogger Media’s Chiemi. As long as you’re not complaining about anything, she’d love to hear your tweets . Incredibly

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