Little Known Traits of a Successful Blogger

We all know the of blogging. Consistently produce high-quality content, position yourself as an authority , and cultivate relationships with your readers and other bloggers. But some of the best and most popular bloggers have features that might surprise you. Here’s how being negative, angry, and stupid (in the right way) can create your blog’s breakthrough success. Don’t over explain When you’re using a blog to build your authority, it’s easy to think you should answer every possible question. You’re a big shot after all, right? Write a kitchen sink post with authority under your fingernails for every possible answer. It’s also boring. Building some pillar cornerstones in detail , content is a smart strategy.

Annoyed Once in a While

But sometimes you also want to take a stand. Come on, when you’re angry. Angry roar constant diet getting old. Your anger, if you lose all the meaning of it you ever talked about. (Does anyone care more about what Andy Rooney’s nerves get?) But if you let yourself get angry openly occasionally, you’ll show your humanity , your backbone. Don’t be too consistent It’s one thing to stand on something, it’s another thing to be a damn fool Brazil Phone Number List stubborn. If you change your mind, let people know. If you have a strong point of view, and then you read an interesting article on another location, go ahead and point it out. Showing your vital confidence by doing things with respect, even if they don’t

Disconnect the Unbreakable Rule

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Seth Godin’s blog does not allow comments. Dosh Dosh posts are long, chewy, and require thoughtful reading and re-reading. Melling an has decided that he won’t write anything more in the first place to make Folder 43 so ubiquitous as the topic. PS, he turned off the comments. Guidelines for Blog Rules. A smart blogger knows when she’s trying to communicate within the rules that don’t fit, and when she’s leaving behind those rules. Breaking unbreakable rules is risky. But when it’s done intelligently and strategically, it can also be remarkable. Know the rules, and then think carefully about whether you don’t support what you have to say. 6. Repeat yourself A blog is not a book. Readers don’t start from scratch and read their way through the 2 or 3 sessions. New readers won’t know the last year you wrote, or even the last month. Sometimes it is very

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