Marketing Secrets of the Master Sommelier

The bartender can guide you based on what, you’ll eat, the best choices for tonight. Sommeliers are also, almost certainly, wine sellers . It’s the sommelier’s job to create a fantastic experience for the client that makes the client buy more wine. In this sense, they are true content marketers, using their depth of knowledge to delight customers and do more business. I was lucky enough to sit one day in the Sommelier Guild class certification program . I spent a few on the wine mix…but a lot more on marketing. (What can I say, my marketing idiot side finds myself again.) I want to share some insights speaking out of this class…talk about how you can apply them to

Your Personality Matters Too

Maybe one day there will be a game process “virtual taster” that can develop an excellent, suitable wine just by plugging in a few variables. But, in the world we live in today, thankfully the personality and passion of a sommelier is important. Wine Sommelier is a sommelier who sells quite a few wines at the intersection of her own passion and the Argentina Phone Number List desires of her clients. As someone who has thought deeply about (and tasted quite a few) wine, a sommelier should bring his knowledge to the table. If she can tell a great story – about the wine or the winemaker – even better. As a content marketer, usually you will know a lot about your topic and not your customers. Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge, your passion – or even geek out a little. It’s contagious

Know How Customers Drink This Wine

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Argentina Phone Number List

As our coach mentioned, this type of wine might knock back some stellar bottle connoisseurs…and then have mineral water for dinner. These large wines are often just too bulky to serve with the same meal. European “Old World” wines are usually made drunk. They are more acidic and less alcohol. They tend to have a subtle flavor. One style is not “correct”…but there may be a better choice for a given situation. Find out how your customers want a bottle. Many times, even leaving the price aside, a “great” wine is not the right wine for that client’s needs. Make it clear because you can base your understanding on how your customers will consume your product or service and make sure you’re offering

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