Mastercard imposes mandatory notification before direct debit

It is a misadventure that has happened to the majority of us. To benefit from a free trial to an online platform, Coupled with, it is often necessary Cyprus WhatsApp Number List to enter this credit card data. But unless you have noted in your diary the end of the free trial period. It often happens that the reminder is done more painfully. Coupled with, in the bank statement at the end of the month.

A notification of the end of the free trial period

But that will soon be history if you use a mastercard. The payment solution is implementing a new solution to protect its card users. Coupled with, the merchant will have to send you an SMS. Or an email to notify you of the end of the free trial period. This message must contain clear and precise information:

  • The cost of the subscription
  • The date of the sample
  • The merchant’s name
  • Instructions for canceling the subscription

If you choose to keep the solution. The company will have to provide you with monthly invoices specifying the exact amount of the debit. Coupled with, a contact number or email as well as the method for canceling your subscription.

Introduction to After Effects – in Paris (75) or in a company

Capital Formations offers a 20-hour program (over 3 days) in individual or small groups. Accessible to employees and companies only. Coupled with, intended to allow participants to master the main features of After Effects to create animations from objects. In the program :

  • Creation and configuration of the project, compositions.
  • User interface description & settings.
  • Imports of source files.
  • Animation techniques, geometry, keyframes.
  • Previews.
  • Changes to keyframes, spatial interpolation and temporal interpolation.
  • Compositing and layer management.
  • Creating and animating masks.
  • Principles of application and adjustment of effects.
  • Rendering and choice of export parameters.

Coupled with, to find out more about the price of the training, contact the organization.

Shooting, editing and editing a video – in Nantes (44)

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Coupled with, accessible to employees, job seekers and companies, this program provided by the Training Bar for 21 hours (over 3 days) allows you to discover and learn about Adobe Première Pro and After Affects. Goals :

  • Discover the complete workflow of a pro video.
  • Sort, edit, grade, stabilize video footage.
  • Animate text & images.
  • Master the main steps of video creation.
  • Find inspiration in video / editing.
  • Know the constraints of UHD (4K) videos.

Note that the training leads to Datadock training. To participate, it is required to master the Mac or PC environment. Count 1435 euros.

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