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Because the collection of measures that help to Namibia Phone Number form the ‘new normal’ interact very strongly. An ‘intelligent lockdown’ has set up to protect public health. And that’s where the complexity and coherence really starts to become visible. The r lockdown is having an unprecedented impact on the economy : we are in the deepest recession Namibia Phone Number in a long time leading to lower consumer and producer confidence this leads to lower spending and that leads to corporate turnover collapsing resulting in bankruptcies, reorganisations and higher unemployment Not to mention other problems associated with it. And now that we seem to be moving.

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Open up, concerns about a ‘second wave’ of infections Namibia Phone Number are also rising… networked Finally, it’s a networked issue: the outbreak started in China, but spread like avirus all over the world. Since there is no absolute ‘world order’ that can determine Namibia Phone Number. The line ( although more and more Namibia Phone Number aluminum hats, excuse me ‘conspiracy thinkers. Think otherwis. each country has to take its own measures. Due to the interconnectedness of our global economy.  Namibia Phone Number these  not isolat many measures taken individual countries. Also affect the countries around them. And within countries, the measures in one sector have.

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Other sectors. Finally, the parties that implement Namibia Phone Number measures are often closely linked: the national policy that self-employed workers are supported with the TOZO scheme, for example, is implemented by municipalities, but financed by the Namibia Phone Number government. The scheme itself was designed by the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG), the Namibia Phone Number association of directors in the social domain (Divosa), the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment and experts from various municipalities. Also read The strategy for a successful company, even after corona In that context you have to define the new normal yourself.

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