Migrate Your Audiences From Mailchimp to Campaign Monitor

Followers of digital marketing news are well aware of TechCrunch’s latest story: Mailchimp has evolved from a dedicated email platform to a multi-channel marketing hub. While this transition benefits small businesses just starting out looking to start a business, Mongolia B2B List some Mailchimp users may not need what the platform now offers. Migrate Your Audiences From Mailchimp to Campaign Monitor.

In fact, some Mailchimp users (those with existing marketing teams and resources, for example) may find themselves looking for a platform that specializes solely in email marketing. In short, some marketers just want to receive emails, and those same marketers are looking to get away with higher prices (especially when those prices are for ancillary features that won’t be used). This means we’re seeing professionals migrating away. Migrate Your Audiences From Mailchimp to Campaign Monitor.

Steps to Migrate Your Mailchimp Audience to Campaign Monitor

From the multi-channel marketing hub, opting instead for companies that specialize in email marketing. Not only does this provide professionals with the specific resources they need, but it can also be a cost-effective choice. If you’re one of those Mailchimp users looking to migrate, we’ve prepared a detailed tutorial on how you can easily migrate from Mailchimp to Campaign Monitor.

The migration will allow you to continue your marketing efforts without wasting time. Read on for a step-by-step Mailchimp migration guide. Steps to migrate your Mailchimp audience to Campaign Monitor Step 1: Log in to Mailchimp and locate your audience. To migrate your Mailchimp list, first sign in to Mailchimp Mailchimp users might recall that “lists” are now called “audiences.

Log in to Mailchimp and Locate Your Audience

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But an audience is basically a list where your data is stored. If you’re a former Mailchimp customer, you may have multiple lists in your account. On the other hand, new Mailchimp customers (those who signed up after May 15, 2019) likely have a cut list. Regardless of your Mailchimp plan or schedule, migrating is simple. Simply review your Mailchimp lists and choose which ones you want to migrate to Campaign Monitor.

Step 2: Select your audience. Select your audiences in Mailchimp and upload them to migrate your lists. Once you’ve chosen the lists you want to migrate, it’s time to start exporting. Click on the name of the audience you want to export first and choose the “Exports” option. This step will allow you to collect your users quickly and easily. Step 3: Export your audience.

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