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One of the core secrets of content marketing is that good stories make us expect something exciting, and that’s what makes us listen. Content Marketing Secrets Main Image Content marketers understand the Oman Phone Number power of storytelling. No wonder we get stories of weekends with family before seeing recipes on food bloggers. When you want to attract an audience, you need to tell a story. Here’s a trick we learned from fiction writers. do you know? This is not the only method we can borrow. Content marketers have plenty of content marketing tips to learn from fiction writers! Are we going to start the countdown?

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Content Marketing Tips to Learn from Novelists Your message is more effective when you use action words “I can remember the tail slapping and the tail tapping and the breaking and the pestle. I remember you Oman Phone Number throwing me into the bow where there were wet ropes and it felt like the whole boat was shaking and you were like The sound of beating him like chopping down a tree makes my whole body smell of blood.” This quote is from Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea. Hemingway wasn’t known for some “light” or “beautiful” literature. Oh no! He remains one of the most popular writers because of the power of his work.

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Oman Phone Number List

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The books are full of action, and if you read the quote above again, you’ll notice the same thing. Slap, knock, break, thump, throw, tremble, chop… all these words are action verbs . They don’t have complicated definitions: action words are words that describe an action. On the other hand, non-action verbs represent feelings, opinions, or needs. Remember, for example, is a non-action verb. Now you’re thinking: Hemingway remembered. Of course, he also uses non-action verbs. However, the above Oman Phone Number sentence is action-based, which is what makes it so powerful. You can actually imagine the scenario described by the author. Use your action verbs! Instead of writing ” How did you have a bad day?

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