Most Extreme Marketing Stunts for Every

If you’re new to the term. Earned media refers to the exposure created by your campaign. Stunt. Or promotion that you wouldn’t have to pay for. This takes the shape of news reports on television and radio. Articles in magazines and newspapers. Mentions on all social media platforms. And reposts from the general public. In this article. The Good Marketer is going to get into the most extreme marketing stunts that every marketing agency and small business should be aware of.




The Most Extreme Stunts to Focus On Be the First to Do Something Something that is both fun and impactful is ideal. You should also think about the world’s first attempt and how it ties to what you’re selling. It’s no good being the first bookstore owner to drink 100 gallons of grape juice in 48 hours – you always have to ask yourself. “where is the relevance. Break a World Record! The Guinness Book of World Records is a well-known publication all around the world.


Guinness has parts of its website dedicated


To people getting involved in new or current records as it has become such a wonderful method to grab the public’s attention. Don’t stress if a record doesn’t exist. Just make one that compliments your brand, even if it’s as absurd as the “number of Doritos stacked on your finger.” It will be picked up by someone somewhere. Capitalize on a Big Event Big events happen everywhere at different times of the year. A great time to execute a marketing stunt could be at a large event with local or regional news coverage or a huge number of attendees.



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