Multiplayer Flash Games: I’m in Like With You

The world of flash games on the web has exploded in the last two years. If the principle itself is as old as the Internet, the quality of the games offered has exploded. More levels, more complexity, more and more neat graphics… Armor Games and Nitrome , to name a few, have VP Maintenance Email Lists as benchmarks in the genre. Multiplayer Flash Games: I’m in Like With You

Community platforms bringing together games from many publishers are also in vogue, Kongregate in the lead. The majority of titles are unfortunately played alone. If you want to change your habits a bit and return to more interactions, I’m in like with you offers many multiplayer flash games. i’m in like with you Eleven games are offered. Multiplayer Flash Games: I’m in Like With You

The Quality of the Games Offered

We stay in the classic, the community dimension being the main asset. You can see your friends who are online, create a network on the notify your Twitter and AIM contacts in one click of your presence. your chances of victory, you will have weapons and special powers. With Letterbox , you have 6 letters to make as many words as possible before the time is up. Putt Putt Penguin is a golf game.

Twitter and Aim Contacts in One Click

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A penguin The goal is to put it in the hole in as few strokes as possible. Balloono ‘s goal is to defeat all the monkeys by swinging water balloons at them. Jigsawce is a virtual puzzle. The fastest wins the game. Blockles is based on Tetris: you have to make complete lines by fitting the from above. The faster you go, the more points you will score.

With Draw my thing , take turns drawing. The goal is to guess what the other players’ creations correspond to. The winner is the one who has the most victims in three minutes. Nothing revolutionary then, but good times in perspective when you want to socialize a little on Sunday afternoon.

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