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There is therefore an active search for various suitable solutions. Stakeholders can provide input to arrive at the right solution. These stakeholders proactively use Google Search, niche blogs, videos, and other content to gain more insight into this. 3. Brand consideration Morocco Phone Number The potential lead DMU has found a suitable solution and makes a list of potential suppliers. In this phase, suppliers’ websites are visite but also comparison websites for example for software and reviews and experiences are searche.

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During this phase, a potential lead changes to an actual lead. 4. Active evaluation During the “active evaluation” phase, stakeholders look to potential suppliers for added value, expertise and trust. Think of white papers on specific topics (solutions), case studies, or a demo of a product or of the method. Sometimes there is contact with sales during this phase, but this is mainly in the form of, for example, a demo request confirmation. The previously created list of potential suppliers is thinned out until a small selection remain.


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These are questions that our students can answer well based on their own experiences and good instruction. For questions they cannot answer, such as admission, registration, et cetera, these students act as first-line customer service. They then forward the question to the appropriate department. But even then, our students are the first point of contact, so that they can immediately respond to underlying questions, share experiences and give tips. Taste the atmosphere Plenty of opportunities to share experiences. But even with all those opportunities to get in touch with our students.

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