When You Have Published a Story but You Notice a Small

Features of web stories

after you know how, you can understand the features provided to further maximize you in creating stories features for this website, as follows:


1. Adding a new page
you can create and upload multiple pages at once with this feature.

You can do this by clicking the + icon Greece Phone Number at the bottom of the canvas. After that you can add additional canvases.


2. Duplicate pages
you can duplicate a page by clicking on the duplicate page icon and you will have the same canvas.


Change the layout of the pages

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then, you can also change the order of the stories page easily by long press and then drag it to the desired position.

After that the order of the stories page will change according to your wishes.


4. Editing published stories
when you have published a story but you notice a small error such as a typo, you use the editor feature even for stories that have already been uploaded.

So you can edit stories at any time without having to recreate them.

When finished editing, click the “update” button so that the stories you create can be updated.


Schedule publish time

just like scheduling posts on social media, you can also schedule stories publication times as you wish.Search engine optimization (seo) is one way to promote and introduce your company and business products or website profiles. In addition to seo, efforts to promote a website can also be done through various other strategies ranging from sem ( search engine marketing ) which focuses on advertising on google, then social media optimization, and various other methods in the field of marketing channels. But seo becomes an important part before other strategies are carried out.

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