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Control the rat race by putting a stop to your distractions and energy guzzlers. This book will help you.” Stéphan Lam adds: “Distraction during your working life comes in many forms. An overflowing mailbox, a question from a colleague or an app when you are talking to your partner. Nir Eyal teaches you in ‘Indistractable’ what the Cyprus Phone Number psychology is behind distraction. In four simple steps, he shows how you can bring more focus to your life. Following his practical advice will make your work more enjoyable and productive and improve your relationships.” A nice book to start this list with, so that you really make time for yourself. And time left to read the next 10 books.

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Marketing Bible For a digital world – Author: Bert van Wassenhove Marketing Bible: For a digital world – Author: Bert van WassenhoveHow do you align your marketing strategy with the digital world? And which trends will shape tomorrow’s marketing? And do you still need a website? You can read this and much more in the very extensive Marketing Bible. Aaron Mirck The marketing bible promises to let the reader write a marketing approach in 100 days. In about fourteen weeks, Bert van Wassenhove will teach you the ins and outs of marketing in the digital world, covering basic principles (positioning, know your target group, the customer journey ) and recent innovations AI and voice-first.


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The set-up is convenient: the book is in fact a course that can be easily combined. With the undoubtedly hectic practice of a marketer or entrepreneur.” You can read what Aaron has learned from the book in his review Building a storied brand Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen – Author: Donald Miller Book: Building a story brand. Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen – Author: Donald Miller. Whether you are a marketing director of a multinational, a freelancer, politician or singer: this book will help you think about what story you want to tell your customer. You learn: the real reason why customers make their purchases, how to simplify a brand message so that everyone understands it, and how to create the most effective content for your website and social media.

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