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I prefer classically trained marketers who know how to conduct market research, are good at profile-based audience segmentation, can develop unique value propositions, understand how to build a marketing mix and measure it effectively. 3. The Technologist The third skill I would look for is data and technical depth. In today’s world, being able to work with Mexico Phone Number structured audience data and content is essential. I want someone who can help the organization understand how to use the first-party data we collect, and provide insight into how we are scaling our efforts.” Pointer 3: What marketing options do SMEs have besides content marketing.

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More than a decade ago, Seth Godin said, Content marketing is the only marketing left”. Has content marketing really become the only ‘strategic’ option for SMBs? Aren’t there many examples where content is just a tactic within a broader commercial strategy? For example, if your strategy to sell undifferentiated intermediates focuses on demand chain integration (providing the customer with the best value by achieving the lowest possible cost across the entire chain), that should not be your primary concern as an SME entrepreneur. where content marketing might just be an enabler ? Also read: Content marketing & writing: the trends & tips for the second half of 2021 Content marketing is more than a tactic.


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He is one of the most amazing thinkers and a pioneer in our industry. Fun fact – he came up with this quote in a conversation with my friend Joe Pulizzi . At this point I understand what he was actually trying to say, but over the years it has become mixed with the idea that we need to replace traditional marketing with content marketing. I don’t agree with that idea. Content marketing is more than a tactic. It is a strategic approach that must be created with a very specific goal, resources and measurement goals. But any great content marketing strategy becomes more powerful with a smart direct marketing strategy. And any direct marketing strategy is made more powerful with a great content marketing strategy.

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