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After your campaign is over, it’s time to Panama Phone Number take stock. You can visualize the digital goals, such as the number of clicks and the session duration on your website. Compare these results with available benchmarks. Were the goals (too) ambitious or easy to achieve? Then look at the social impact and the results of your survey, for example. Determine five things that went well and five things that could be done better. As Panama Phone Number campaign, you have even more tools in your hands. Then you can compare your campaigns. For example, why did the Amazon Panama Phone Number the anti-whaling campaign? Was there a difference in target audience? Does the subject appeal to people more or less? With answers to these kinds of questions, you make your campaign and the results more concrete for the decision-makers in your organization.

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For example, before-and-after research into the MONO Panama Phone Number campaign showed that the campaign has not ensured that more road users find it normal to take precautions to prevent you from being distracted by social media in traffic. The campaign has been able to increase the sense of responsibility among cyclists not to be involved with Panama Phone Number social media while participating in traffic. Overall, road users’ Panama Phone Number sense of responsibility has remained the same between the pre- and post-measurement. With this input, the campaign can be further improve.

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Marketer, want to convince your manager to free up extra Panama Phone Number budget for your social campaign, a scientific model can provide the right substantiation. A model tells a story. With that story you can demonstrate: look, this is how we are going to change the behavior of our target group. Google’s standard online marketing “see-think-do-care” model works great for a sales funnel, but it’s not relevant for social campaigns. A model that lends Panama Phone Number itself better to social campaigns is Prochaska and DiClemente’s ‘Circle of Behavioral Change’† This model shows six different phases of change, such as ‘contemplation’, ‘decision’ and ‘consolidation’. You can tailor your campaign to these phases Panama Phone Number and then present it well-substantiated to your management.

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