Php Code Does to Conditionally Change Layouts

Custom functions don’t usually mean they won’t usually work in a te,plate depending on the theme. Just make sure you know exactly which file to paste the code into, otherwise you might get an error thinking the code doesn’t work when it does. You installed a plugin that overrides code: some plugins override php code, which means code with Italy WhatsApp Number List filters and brackets may not work. An example of this is the genesis simple edits plugin. If you have this plugin installed that allows you to customize post info and post meta, adding php code to do the same that includes a post meta or post info filter will not work.

You may think the code is not working when in fact it is and all you need to do to fix the problem and get the code to work is disable the plugin. Using php code to change layout conditionally this code will not work on some themes using bbpress that also use the genesis bbpress connect plugin.

That Includes a Post Meta or Post

This plugin hooks into genesis filters, which is the same thing php code does to conditionally change layouts so it doesn’t work because it overlaps the code. Using css xhtml classes on an html 5 child theme – example: #content will not work on an html 5 child theme that uses .entry-content. Using html markup on an xhtml theme. site-header will not work on a site running xhtml markup, so you must use #header.

Homepage template code – any code in your homepage template only works when you use the default reading settings. If you change these settings and select a static page as your homepage, your homepage template code will not work. Css added after media queries – it’s best to add custom css before your media queries, otherwise it may not work. Added css to modify already styled class – you added css at the end of your stylesheet to modify the style of an existing element that is already styled by default. An example of this is when you edit a widget area to use the genesis featured posts widget when it is styled by default to use the featured page widget.

You Added Css at the End of Your Stylesheet to Modify

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Your css may be different but you are using a different class. What you need to do is change the default css so that it styles the featured page widget longer and only styles the featured post widget. Home page template code – any code in your home.php template file will only work on the home page when using default playback settings. If you are using a static page as your home page.

The code will only work on your posts page (like a blog page) if you haven’t selected the blog page template from the drop-down menu. (applies only to themes that include a blog page template). Incorrectly edited css creates another css break – a member installed some code to create a custom layout, but it didn’t work because the css to change the content width didn’t work. They discovered that other css they had added earlier using !important was preventing the new css from working.

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