Post-penguin Link Building Tools

Now that Penguin 4 is out, are you struggling to figure out where to focus your efforts to keep your website at the top of Google rankings? Link building is still extremely important for your website’s SEO ranking. Inbound links serve Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List as indicators for Google to know whether to consider your website an authority in your niche. Links make your website visible in search results, but you’ll have to put in some effort to get to the top of the rankings. Blogs constantly help to get quality links. In fact, businesses with a consistent blogging habit get up to 97% more inbound links. But in order not to be penalized by Google, it is important to understand how to build quality links.

Means for Link Building

It has always been that Google considered sites to be more authoritative. When they had more links pointing to their site. Google would place those sites with more links higher in the rankings. Previously, the quality of the link origin did not matter. More links mean better search rankings. Since the first Penguin update in 2012, Google has penalized websites that contain suspicious links. When a website is visited by Penguin, it can be difficult to retrieve it. You risk losing your high rankings and traffic.

Building B2b Links

Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List
Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List

In Google’s latest Penguin update, released this fall, it was announced that the spam. Detection tool now works in real time. While this makes typing easier, it also makes the recovery process easier. Good links are still considered one of the best ways to build your site’s authority. If you’re not sure where to start building quality links, try the following techniques: The link building tools you use depend on the type of business you have. B2C businesses can build connections by getting product reviews. To do this, send influencers in your niche a free sample and ask them to give you a review of the product. Ask them if they would like to help you promote your product and offer a commission on the sales they bring you.

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