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Affiliates is checked to continue the process. Now. Click on commissioning. Where the commission options for your affiliates will be configured. Please note (the values below are hypothetical): multiclick this is the screen for those who want to use multicliques. In it. You determine the amount of commission for each affiliate using the scroll bar or typing the amount in percentage. The producer is free to choose which affiliate he will favor. So it is important that. When attributing the commission. The producer knows the profile of who will promote his product.

As shown in the image. It is important to remember that. By activating the multiple cookie counts commission. Differentiated commission cannot be added to your affiliates. Since the system cannot apply customization when there are more than two people involved in the transaction. After that. Just save! The rules for those who choose multicliques are: when choosing multicliques. The duration of the cookie will be. Necessarily. Eternal; for products already registered. The change of an old rule to multicliques is released. When there are no affiliates; if you already have affiliates.

It Will Only Be Possible

To change from first/last click to multi-click. The Honduras cell phone numbers opposite is not valid. Remembering info was there any doubt? Access our help center or send a message to our support by clicking here ! Surprise yourself with hotmart’s customized checkout 09/23/2014 by leonardo reading time 6 min facebook twitter linkedin whatsapp image showing hotmart’s new custom checkout it is with great pride that hotmart brings to life its most creative tool: the customized checkout. And you are invited to build amazing themes that will overcome your customers’ objections and increase your profitability.

Honduras cell phone numbers

Watch the presentation video below and be amazed: why did we do a custom checkout? Before the customized checkout. Hotmart gave the producer two possibilities: the use of the standard checkout. Where when clicking on the buy button. The customer is redirected to a page to fill in their details and complete the purchase. Or via widget checkout. Where the purchase form is a popup that appears when the buyer clicks the buy button. These two options are widely accept by buyers and. Throughout hotmart’s history. They have been work on to facilitate the checkout process and make it more practical.

We Saw The Need

To bring producers more than just a checkout that was easy to fill out. It needed to have the product’s identity and be able to break the latest purchase objections. It was with this desire that a checkout emerged capable of supporting themes developed by the producers themselves and which gives them the possibility to align this page with their strategies: the customized checkout. But after all. What is custom checkout? It was design by the hotmart team with the following objectives: offer more tools for producers to break their customers’ purchase objections; give the producer.

The possibility to enter his identity until the end of the purchase; encourage the use of design as an ally in sales; optimize the affiliate’s work with an even more profitable shopping cart. In a simple and intuitive way. The producer will create themes that will make the checkout an essential part of the purchase process. And in some cases. It may be a second sales page. That is. It is another place for you to overcome customer objections and show the advantages of your product. With the customized checkout you can: insert videos; insert lists; insert texts; insert images; insert testimonials; customize colors; combine all these features.

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