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Conversely, you can also add points if that makes your e-mail address easier to read, for example. 7. Turn on Smart Compose and Smart Reply The Smart Compose feature in Gmail can save you a lot of time if you do a lot of mailing in English, because it doesn’t seem to be available for Dutch yet. With Smart Compose, suggestions are made as you type your email. Are you typing ‘Thank you’? Then, for example, the suggestion ‘Thank you for your email’ appears. Press the Tab key to accept the suggestion and move on to your next sentence. You enable ‘Smart Compose’ under your general settings. A few lines below that, you can also enable Smart Reply, which, where possible, suggests a quick reply that you can send right away, such as ‘Sure!’ or ‘No, sorry’.

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If you also check ‘Turn on smart features and rationalization’, the system learns your writing style over time to make better suggestions. 8. Use templates Do you often get the same questions in your inbox? Or do you regularly Netherlands Phone Number send an (almost) identical email? Then you can save yourself a lot of time with templates. For example, the editors have a template with instructions for new authors. To be able to use templates, go back to the Advanced tab in settings and choose Enable templates.

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Creating a template is simple: write a draft email and click on the three dots at the bottom right of the window. Select Templates > Save Draft As Template > Save As New Template. Give it a meaningful name. To use it, click on the three dots again when composing an email and choose Templates > Insert Template. Please note that when inserting a template in a new email, the title of your template will appear in the subject line. Depending on the name, you might want to change it. You can also personalize the text where necessary before sending the email, so that you don’t come across as a robot.😉 9.

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