Problems With Sopa How to Stop It

You’ve probably seen the acronym SOPA (and it’s lackluster siblings, PIPA) around social networks.  But while the internet as a whole can be tough enough to survive, you ‘ll find yourself grinding in gear as it all works out again. And we don’t want that. So while we generally avoid Copy blogger politics, we believe in taking action to protect yourself and your business. Let’s do a quick review of the key issues with SOPA, some quick and easy ways to help stop the fight from becoming law. What is SOPA? SOPA is the Prohibition of Internet Piracy Act, written with the intent of more aggressively protecting copyright on the web. The

Your Website Can Shut Down Regardless of Whether You Do Something Wrong

Are there commenters who link to sites that use copyrighted images inappropriately? Hold you accountable for the full extent of its broad enforcement powers, SOPA says. These include cutting off your domain name to censor your website, or cutting off your PayPal account. A website can shut down a single infringing link – even if it’s a link you didn’t post. (As you can imagine, this makes life almost impossible for Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, which is why they are fighting for SOPA). The only way you can protect yourself is if your site Algeria Phone Number List is taken down . If it turns out you didn’t infringe anyone’s copyright in the first place… oh well. True pirates have no problem using IP addresses to continue illegally downloading copyrighted content. Your customers, however, will

You Are Not a Bad Person, but Whoever You Are Will Be Punished

Algeria Phone Number List
Algeria Phone Number List

In fact, there is, say, a provision where an average user can go to jail for five years for posting any copyrighted work. Yep, that’s five years in prison putting an iPhone video on you as you sing your unique version of the blog penalty “Thriller”. Problem 4: SOPA is bad for the economy, just at the wrong time The global economy is in a very dire shape and it’s entrepreneurial, nimble small businesses (like yours) and they’re going to get us out. Small, privately held companies, where new jobs are sourced. Where they are the source of game-changing innovation.

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