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Do you have an online store? Then a link with the back-end of your webshop system is an advantage. So that you can synchronize products and orders with your e-mail tool. This allows you to communicate relevantly Canada Phone Number with your customers by including product and order information in emails. Information ends up directly in the e-mail tool. An advantage of such a plug-in or module is that you can create a for.  Integrate it on your website without technical knowledge. Are you using a less popular or less frequently used CMS? Then you can always use a piece of code from the e-mail tool. Which you place yourself or have a web builder place it.

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When setting up such a link, you have to think carefully about which data you want to synchronize, whether you also want to send it back from your e-mail tool to your CRM and whether you want your contacts to adjust data themselves. Lamppost, Hello dialog and Mail camp have the Canada Phone Number following CRM links available Laposta  Perfect View Team Leader Hello dialog : Microsoft Dynamics Mailcamp  Microsoft Dynamics, AFAS, Exact Online, Team leader, CAS Other links In addition to CMS, web shops and CRM, there are other links that offer the tools. This often involves the integration of website statistics (such as Google Analytics) or the ability to enter track data (utm codes).

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The integration of Customer Data Platforms (CDP) such as Blueconic or Datatrics is also sometimes an option. Let the tool inform you if you want to know more about those integrations. A special clutch is Zapier. This is a Canada Phone Number tool that connects two or more applications. In this way it may be possible to (limitedly) connect your e-mail tool to, for example, your CRM system (if the link to your CRM system is not available by default). The Laposta and Mailcamp tools both have a Zapier connection available. In this way you can, for example, link Salesforce with Mailcamp, even though Mailcamp does not offer a standard link with Salesforce.

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