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What I love most about this site is that they have an Instagram section, which provides a social connection, and it’s unique, it helps to see other people do it and it’s fun to see them do it too. 14. Dara Hart Dara Hart is Namibia Phone Number a celebrity trainer in New York City who has to build a strong website for her business. She introduces her mission statement and personality through text, images, and video. Bringing all these elements together results in a cohesive brand identity that is both approachable and professional. Dara personalizes her website with her introduction, handwriting, and signature to create stronger connections with current and potential clients.

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Orange Shoe Personal Fitness The site contains all their locations, making it easy to contact the one closest to you. They divide the information into different categories to show visitors what they have to Namibia Phone Number want to overwhelm their audience, so they keep the homepage simple and use links so they can share more information. This makes the page easier to read and understand. They share just one of their testimonials on the homepage and link more to another page. That shows testimonials from customers along with their photos.

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Nerd Fitness The site showcases before and after comparisons of many people who have gone through. The program and seen the results This is a great way to show your audience. That custom Namibia Phone Number guidance and support are useful and can work for many others. Visitors can take a quiz to see which coach is best for them. Their website philosophy is to plan for lasting change, and they want your goals to be realistic so you can follow through instead of giving up. 17. Fitness Blender Fitness Blender is a great fitness website with great inspiration on how to build your web presence.

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