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In this article, I will take you through the mindset that you can immediately incorporate into your marketing mix: on your social media, in your emails, your tone of voice, you’re after-sales and other communication with your target groups. Welcome to the Romania Phone Number Loyalty Loop The Loyalty Loop is a continuous consumer journey of contact moments. And these contact moments are not only functional but above all contribute to a positive, valuable and surprising experience. This model is originally from McKinsey, but Davis provides the context and examples.

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For him it’s simple, forget the familiar funnel first . Because a linear process no longer exists. There are now so many channels that demand our attention. Prospects go in somewhere and get out somewhere. So enter the Loyalty Loop . In this model there is an interplay of so-called micro-moments: Moment of inspiration A journey you never expected to buy something you didn’t even know you needed. The trigger question Which brand do I need The prime brand The first brand that comes to mind. Active evaluation What other brands are there Moment of commitment ​​You make the choice and buy. Andrew Davis’ Loyalty Loop for more loyalty.


Prospective Students

For example: in 4 steps through the model Andrew Davis has a great example of how this model works in real life. It started with a letter from his leasing company about his Nissan with the text: ‘the contract expires in 30 days. Moment of Inspiration When reading the letter you realize what is coming: the car has to be handed in. In your mind you immediately start looking at what you need to do, for example looking for a new car. And that’s where the journey starts. Trigger Question The trigger question that is in your head at that moment sets things in motion: what will my next car be? Initial Consideration.

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