Protect Your Woocommerce Store by Installing Free Ssl Certificates

WooCommerce powers around 22% of the global e-commerce industry. All the ease, simplicity and extensibility of WooCommerce comes at a cost. It’s a favorite target for cybercriminals, and WordPress website owners often see attacks ranging from malware to DDoS to dedicated brute force login attacks. Realizing this, WooCommerce store  New Zealand Business Fax List security is a serious concern for developers and site owners. You can find plenty of dedicated WooCommerce security tips, but often the simplest ideas work the best. Protect Your Woocommerce Store by Installing Free Ssl Certificates.

A tried and tested (and essential for businesses) WooCommerce security tip is to install SSL certificates on stores. Now, many store owners believe that installing SSL certificates is something best left to developers. If so, this guide is for you. In this document, you will learn what SSL and HTTPS are, and how you can easily add SSL certificates to the WooCommerce store.

Advantages of the Ssl Certificate

Since secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a security protocol layer that sits between the browser and the web server and ensures that all communications between the two endpoints are encrypted, private, and secure. SSL certificate is an essential and important factor to get a high ranking in Google SERPs. In fact, Google shows a clear bias for SSL-enabled WooCommerce stores. This is a clear signal that security is a long-standing issue for the e-commerce industry and that Google takes SSL certification on WooCommerce stores very seriously.

Why Do Woocommerce Stores Require an Ssl Certificate

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Due to this rise of online stores, transactions between sellers and buyers are shifting from physical payment options to digital payment options including online banking, credit cards, bitcoins and other payment gateways confidential. One of the things newbie eCommerce store owners may miss is store security.

In this article, I will highlight the importance of using SSL certificates with online stores. These certificates change the underlying protocol to HTTPS and secure store client sessions. There are many advantages and advantages of having an SSL-certified e-commerce store. With it, online store owners get customer information, such as credit card numbers. Encrypted so the attacker is unable to intercept the information.

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