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For example, the LUMC is working on implementing the patient journey that puts the patient first. In this article I will leave the patient files aside for a moment. I think that all hospitals in the Netherlands have a so-called EPD (Electronic Patient Dossier). As far as I know, in most cases, this is a package like Epic or Chipsoft HIX. Self-developed systems Mexico Phone Number are rarely seen anymore. At most, at the departmental level or at smaller peripheral hospitals. The exchange of data between hospitals in the Netherlands is still in its infancy. Nictiz (Dutch knowledge organization for digital information exchange in healthcare) is busy describing all kinds of standards for basic sets for data exchange.

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For example, registration at the source with the Basic Healthcare Data Set BgZ and healthcare information building blocks (ZIBs) for good and rapid information exchange. Also read: Innovation is more than technology Healthcare landscape Several parties or stakeholders are involved in healthcare. Think about: Hospitals Doctors nurses Health insurers united in Health insurers the Netherlands Government think of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, National Health Care Institute, Nictiz patient associations The patient himself Pharmaceutical industry Each of these parties has influence. The government determines the content of, for example, the basic package and the deductible.


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One of the motivations is to keep healthcare affordable because healthcare costs have been rising for years. The growth compared to 2018 is around 5%. This is the largest growth since 2009. Health insurers insure patients of care. And they have an interest in good care and a good price for that care. This is a normal market. This means that health insurers compete and try to make strict agreements with health care suppliers. Doctors, medical staff, and hospitals provide the care whereby the hospital has more of a cost incentive. Patient associations and pharmaceutical companies stand up for their interests. The patient is at the center of it all, if all goes well.

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