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Measure gives value to your publications. If you go over the line. The value is lost because abundance is not usually liked on social networks. If you are a big brand. It is recommended to publish an average of twice a day. But like everything in life. The question is to keep trying and Malaysia phone number until you find the ideal publication frequency. 9. Do sweepstakes and promotions to attract new users Remember that. At present. Instagram does not allow sweepstakes in which it is a mandatory requirement to follow an account or profile in order to participate. However.

You can still manage to attract new followers. Viralization through contests in which other users are commented on and/or mentioned. Although you can’t make it a requirement. You can recommend participants to follow your brand to keep up to date with the winner Malaysia phone number other news. Updates and promotions. With a small investment in ads. Your giveaway can go a long way. Take into account the target audience you want to attract to your brand when making the draw and choosing the prize. The presence of a brand on Instagram is almost mandatory.

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Looking for is to create a community and generate engagement with your followers. And it is that. Instagram already has 815 million active users per month (in April 2018) and. At this rate. It will soon reach 1000.  According to the Annual Study of Social Networks 2017 .  Instagram is Malaysia phone number third most present social network in the minds of Spanish Internet users (by 63%) . Behind Facebook and Twitter . Increasing their notoriety palpably in the last three years. If you have a company and Instagram is not familiar to you. We can tell you that your Social Media or digital strategy is somewhat lame.

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Make use of these tips so that the image of your brand on Instagram improves considerably brand on instagram Index [ hide ] Why improve your brand image on Instagram? How to improve your Malaysia phone number image on Instagram: Get your audience engaged 1. Content is king 2. Contests to rule them all 3.Instagram ads 4. Instagramers 5. The video 6. Stories 7.Instagram Shopping 8. Metrics Why improve your brand image on Instagram ? We cannot say that it is the social network with the most users ( it is the third with the most volume ). But it is the top   of the moment.

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Although it was born as a social network focused on photographs and with special popularity among the youngest. It is now that Instagram has millions of users of all ages. Image-of-your-brand To this we must add the latest developments in this social network. Which make Malaysia phone number the social network that your company cannot miss . On the other hand. The presence of Instagrammers among the different types of public is one of the most appealing opportunities to improve the image of your brand on the Internet. Next. We give you the keys to improve the image of your brand on Instagram .

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