Pyramid-Uxthe Economics of User Experience in the Book

The economy of experience ” the user experience is defined as a broad service with a central product that supports it. This user experience has an emotional part and a physical part . For example, on a web page, the physical part would be what you want to buy and this has a price and specific characteristics. On the other hand, the emotional part of Czechia B2B List is everything else; it is the web, the flow, the communication, the loading speed, the structure of the information, the quality of the images, etc. There could also be supporting tools to help users decide, compare, configure, and interact. Pyramid-Uxthe Economics of User Experience in the Book.

Today the Differentiation of Products

Within the same segment can be minimal, that is why although the physical part of the product is what it is, what really conditions the experience and sales is the emotional part , the one that will make the visitor become a consumer. It is the point at which companies can make a difference with respect to their competitors.

However, this is only part of the journey. In the end, all these elements make up the experience. This is why the field of ux is so wide. All these elements are vital for the first “yes” from users/customers. And this “yes” means sales. Sales-user-experience ux superpowers and some useful stats let’s give an example of the power that ux has .

Think About the Airbnb Website for

Czechia B2B List


You can put the price range you want to spend, if you go with children, what kind of comforts you want the house to have, what type of trip you are going to make and even what type of houses you are looking for, and all that before starting to see the options . Also, as you search, you can see on the map where the accommodation save your favorite options in folders to decide later…

You can even send it to other people to help you decide. And why all this? Well, because someone (a ux designer) has made sure that the web is that easy and accessible and has taken into account the needs of consumers to adapt it to them. This tool is used to carry out online speed tests simultaneously in three different places. Specifically, in three states: the united states, europe and asia. Test my site (think with google) : belongs to the google search engine

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