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For example Sally’s Hair Salon specializes in bridal party hair services can be optimized. full question as keyword. If you’re trying tank nationally and don’t necessarily offer a niche. Product or service you might still consider a search that targets the full question. In fact, full-question searches can be a great long-tail keyword target for almost any type of business. Full question queries, such as “Are most brides’ hair up or down?” usually have an answer box-rich snippet at the top of the search results.

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As such, the ecosystem will include data publishers, aggregators (in the form of large data repositories that provide added value by cleaning and reconciling metadata), search engines to support data discovery, and most Cambodia Phone Number consumers Here’s an example of a dataset search result (not just limited to scientific sites, but those too.): Dataset search results takeout I refer to several papers from Google that tell us more about how Google’s projects involving table search and dataset search work. I mentioned custom search engines at the beginning of this post and would love to see a similar paper that might tell us more about Google’s use of these engines.

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Google Local Search Results Tool Google Ads Keyword Planner Even if you’re not a loca can use other types of long-tail keywords. Take advantage of the niche products or services you offer and add premium content to their website pages. Adding descriptive content to these specific topics and pages is a great way to optimize for more long-tail phrases. Companies in common industries can still find ways to differentiate themselves and their target keywords from the competition.

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