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Beaten track. What could the world look like in Norway Phone Numbers the short, medium and long term? Connecting to the ‘new normal’ in 4 steps – now Norway Phone Number. And in the future In such an insidious, volatile context, you can only design your service delivery strategy. One step at a time, gradually, and holistically. So that you leave room in your service concept for Norway Phone Number changing circumstances and their impact. If you take the following proven steps, you will prepare yourself and your services for what is to come. Step 1. Discover.

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You start with what innovation professor  Norway Phone Number Kees Dorst calls ‘archaeology’ in his frame innovation method : in an in-depth analysis of recent times, you identify the challenges and problems surrounding your service provision. You also look at what Norway Phone Number worked in the period between the ‘old normal’ and the ‘new normal’: which (emergency) Norway Phone Number solutions had which effects? And what can you possibly convert into fixed elements in your services? Then you map out the context well: You look at all factors that can influence your organization and the way in which you provide your services.

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For now and in the future. You immerse Norway Phone Number yourself in the stakeholders and their interests (which can lie within and outside your organization). For now and in the future. You immerse yourself in your customers : what is the impact of COVID-19 on Norway Phone Number their environment, what are their experiences, fears, needs and expectations, now and in the future? The results of this are input for formulating your image of the future. Step 2. Define: (re)frame the Norway Phone Number future & determine consequences Then you start framing what is the ‘new normal’ for your organization. You describe what the situation is and how you interpret it. Or rather.

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