Reading Settings in WordPress

Reading Settings in WordPress First, let’s look at the existing settings provided by WordPress in Playback Settings. These settings will affect the number of posts displayed on all your archive pages, including. Blog Lists Page Archive pages. Including author, blog, category, search. Tag pages wp playback settings Finland WhatsApp Number List Reading settings determine. The Eleven40 Pro theme as well as several other StudioPress themes like the Balance theme include a custom grid loop in the home.

Customizing the Default Home Page Post Limit


Even though the playback settings can be set to. Blog pages display at most 5. This only applies to the homepage. NOT when using a static custom page with the blog template. blog page for your custom blog page. These settings are controlled by the Genesis blog page. Template settings as shown in the screenshot above. Customizing the Default Home Page Post Limit If you want your archives to show the number set in the play settings but show a different number of posts on your homepage.

if left at default settings, as you see in the screenshot above. Reading settings do NOT control your blog page because it is controlled by the blog page template settings that Genesis includes under Genesis > Theme settings: genesis blog page template Let’s look at an example of this: if your reading settings are set to show 5 posts, your homepage and all archives will show 5 posts, but your blog page will show whatever you’ve set to show.

Content Limits for Home, Blog, and Archive Pages

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In this tutorial, we’ll look at the built-in Genesis settings that you can use to control content limits in your archives and blog page template. We will also consider WordPress Playback Settings and their impact on Genesis Settings. Besides that, we’ll also look at some working code snippets that you can use to further customize your. Content Limits for Home Blog and Archive Pages.

Blog Archives Home page Grid loop Custom post types We will be using the new Eleven40 Pro child theme from StudioPress as well as the Genesis 2.0 Sample child theme which does not include a grid loop or out-of-the-box home page widgets.

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