Ready, an inclusive and functional typeface

The ready typeface has been created based on the principles of universal design, which proclaim an accessible design. Design, in all its aspects, is characterized by seeking effective and visually attractive. Solutions to the problems that arise although at present aesthetics weighs, on many occasions, more than functionality. Or so mar pérez, designer of ready , has perceived, an inclusive typeface specially created for readers with retinopathy. Ready, an inclusive and functional typeface 1 based on the principles that. Govern ‘universal design’, a current that dictates and defends accessible design for the largest possible number of people without the need for adaptations as in the case of ultrareadable fonts, which can be found on road signs and signage of public spaces.


The Meaning of Yellow: What a Yellow Logo Says About Your Brand.

Based on the testimony of people affected by this image manipulation service disease, mar pérez has designed an easytoread, neutral typeface, with a very open eye, of medium weight and without serifs, to increase the internal whites and external and promote a more agile reading. Ready, an inclusive and functional typeface 3 the very name of the font, ready, refers to the function with which it was conceived. Its reading aims to be fast and effective and its author has played with the english words ready ready, prepared and read read. With this typeface, mar pérez was not looking for aesthetic excellence, but rather to make reading easier for people with eye problems, bringing the functional aspect of design back to the table.

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Design, in Holi Color.

The ready typeface was specially designed for CNB Directory the rietveld reimagined event , which took place at the matadero in madrid last july to commemorate the centenary of rietveld’s red and blue chair. After that, This summer, we offered you a selection of festival posters . Today, on the occasion of the 14th edition of the nuit blanche which will. Take place on the night of october 3 to 4 in the streets of paris, we offer you a. Small graphic history of the event.

This weekend, 30 artists will take over the city After that, and invite. City dwellers to explore little-known places in the capital. Orchestrated by the director of the centquatre hall josé-manuel gonçalvès,the 2015 edition. Will focus on global warming and “better living together”. Thus, to begin this cultural and artistic celebration, we have decided to. Do a small retrospective of the posters of the nuit blanche since its creation in 2002. Which one do you prefer? You will find the entire nuit blanche program by arrondissement here .

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