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Additionally, they share the conditions they handle, with a hover option for each image. So when you hover over the images, you can see a description of each image. 20. Advanced Advanced Home Chiropractic features a very earthy color scheme. This matches the tree in their logo. The page is very simple with a lot of white space. Their services are well organized and Georgia Phone Number everyone has pictures. The site knows you want answers right away, so they offer a live chat option and list their phone number at the top of the page. 21. Power Inn The website uses a bright blue that immediately catches your eye. Also, its layout is very clean and tidy.

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They use simple icons that link to more information. This helps the page look clearer and more attractive. Some of the features of this website include customer testimonials, Google Maps and social Georgia Phone Number media icons. 22. Golden Gate Golden Gates uses a lot of whitespace and larger font in the title. They focus on providing information to readers. The homepage is very simple with many links to more information. Austin Living This chiropractic website uses many pictures to explain its business.

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Also, many videos explain different things throughout the site. These visuals areĀ  Georgia Phone Numbergreat to keep your audience engaged, and they can also see everything you have to offer and how it works. Trust is being built with potential clients through before and after pictures and their very detailed presentation of the team. One of my favorite parts of this site is the happy clients holding their improved logo and owner as they share picture testimonials. This shows visitors that you want to connect with your customers and care about their well-being. 47. HealthPro A very simple website with a white and gold color scheme. The site is very clean and attractive.

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